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LILLIAN AXE | The Box Volume Two - The Quickening 6CD Out Now!

LILLIAN AXE | The Box Volume Two - The Quickening 6CD Out Now!

LILLIAN AXE | The Box Volume Two - The Quickening 6CD Out Now!

• This 6CD box set is volume two of the Lillian Axe story.

• Covering the band’s studio output from 2010 onward, also including the officially released demos collection ‘Fields Of Yesterday’ from 1999 and the two disc acoustic live album ‘One Night In The Temple’.

• Includes a mammoth selection of rarities and live tracks, many released for the first time ever.

• A truly essential purchase for all fans of this million selling, Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame-inducted heavy rock act!

Lillian Axe came to prominence in the late 80s with four successful major label albums, and have since amassed an extremely loyal following worldwide, right up to their Billboard charting 2022 album ‘From Womb To Tomb’.

Deep Red Shadows (2010)
1 Under The Same Moon
2 47 Ways To Die
3 The Quenching Of Human Life
4 A Minute Of Years
5 Nobody Knows
6 The Day I Met You
7 Sad Day On Planet Earth
8 Nocturnal Symphony
9 Deep Red Shadows
Bonus Tracks
10 All’s Fair In Love And War (Live In New Orleans 2012)
Circle Of Light – Rebirth (Part 1) 2012
11 Circle Of Light
12 Circus Comes To Town
13 Sail Into The Heavens
14 Modern Day Vampire
15 Rebirth
XI – The Days Before Tomorrow (2012)
1 Babylon
2 Death Comes Tomorrow
3 Gather Up The Snow
4 The Great Divide
5 Take The Bullet
6 Bow Your Head
7 Caged In
8 Soul Disease
9 Lava On My Tongue
10 My Apologies
Bonus Tracks
11 Angels Among Us
Circle Of Light – Rebirth (Part 2) 2012
12 Rest In Peace
13 Silent Night, Lonely Night
14 Every Dog Has It’s Day
15 On A Clear Night
16 Try To Stop Me Now
17 King Of The Beasts
Fields Of Yesterday (Demos Compilation 1999)
1 Death Valley Daze
2 Do It
3 Twilight In Hell
4 For Crying Out Loud
5 The Last Time
6 Calm Before The Storm
7 Pulling The Rats Out
8 When It Rains
9 Daddy Long Legs
10 Blood On The Moon
11 Kill Me Again
12 Become A Monster
13 Throw You Away
14 Thirst
Bonus Tracks
15 The Weeping Moon (2018 Single Release)
16 Ghost Of Winter (Live In New Orleans 2012)
17 Show A Little Love (Live In New Orleans 2012)
One Night In The Temple (Acoustic Live) CD1 (2014)
1 Water’s Rising
2 Death Comes Tomorrow
3 Ghost Of Winter
4 See You Someday
5 The Great Divide
6 Nocturnal Symphony
7 Sad Day On Planet Earth
8 Bow Your Head
9 Show A Little Love
10 Misery Loves Company
11 Crucified
12 The World Stopped Turning
13 Dyin’ To Live (Shades Of Blue)
One Night In The Temple (Acoustic Live) CD2 (2014)
1 Until The End Of The World
2 The Day I Met You
3 The Promised Land
4 Nobody Knows
5 My Apologies
6 True Believer
7 Nobody Knows (Crowd Version)
Bonus Tracks
Circle Of Light – The Demos
8 Vision In The Night
9 Inside Out
10 On A Clear Night
11 Silent Night, Lonely Night
12 Picture Perfect
13 Ghost Of Winter
14 Circus Comes To Town
15 Waiting In The Dark
16 Lord Of The Streets
17 Dream Of A Lifetime
Live Summerfest 1992
1 Intro – Misery Loves Company
2 Innocence
3 All’s Fair In Love And War
4 Body Double
5 Living In The Grey
6 See You Someday
7 My Number
8 Mercy
9 Dyin’ To Live
10 Show A Little Love
11 Diana
12 The Promised Land
13 True Believer
14 Nobody Knows
15 No Matter What