Released on 17/08/09. Moose XYZ is one of the great ‘lost’ records of the 90’s. XYZ is an ambitious album, instead of looking at their shoes like so many of their contemporaries – Moose looked west…

The album is full of country tinged pop gems. The guitar sound is at times dreamy and distorted whilst the songs are not born out of head down jam sessions, but have been crafted on an acoustic guitar and arranged with a great deal of skill and affection. Moose were ahead of their time, if XYZ had been used as the blue print for Britpop then the musical landscape could have been a lot more beautiful.

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Slip And Slide / Little Bird / Don't Bring Me Down / Polly / The Whistling Song / Everybody's Talking / Sometimes Loving Is The Hardest Thing / Soon Is Never Soon Enough / I'll See You In My Dreams / High Flying Bird / Screaming / Friends / Xyz / Bonus Tracks - Last Night I Fell Again / This River Will Never Run Dry / Do You remember? / Jack. / Ballad Of Adam And Eve / Suzanne / Butterfly Collector


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