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A vivacious and talented performer who sustained a notable performing career throughout the sixties, despite significant setbacks. She certainly deserved greater chart success for her recordings, with really only the classic Tell Him regularly making the general sixties compilations today.

This RPM compilation pools together the singles from the mid sixties as first released through Columbia and then Piccadilly. Quite apart from this being the first time all the singles (bar the Decca material) have been gathered together from this period, there are plenty of highlights to further tempt the collector.

Billie was very much a sixties scene artist, mixing with all the main pop figures and fashion types, and her records moved with the times. This gorgeous CD is the perfect complement to the Decca repertoire CD, which was of course reissued on a Universal compilation several years ago.


Weight 200 kg


Intro / Sweet Nothin’s (Live - Previously Unreleased) / Will You Love Me Tomorrow (Live – Previously Unreleased) / Tell Him Live - Previously Unreleased) / It’s So Funny I Could Cry (Previously Unreleased) / You Don’t Have To Be A Baby To Cry (Previously Unreleased) / Bedtime Stories / You And I / That Boy John / Say Nothin Don't Tell / School Is Over / Give Me Love / Watcha Gonna Do / Everybody Knows / The Last One To Be Loved / You Don't Know / No Other Baby / Hands Off / When You Move You Lose - Keith & Billie / Tastes Sour Don't It - Keith & Billie / Heart And Soul / Don't Take All Night / You Don't Know Like I Know - Keith & Billie / Two Little People - Keith & Billie / That's Really Some Good - Keith & Billie / Swingin' Tight - Keith & Billie / Just Walk In My Shoes / Ev'ry Day


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