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Terry Hall has enjoyed almost two decades of success with several bands including The Specials, Fun Boy Three and Vegas, and also as a solo artist. This album showcases Hall’s talents alongside collaborators Blair Booth and Anoushka Groce. A must for Terry Hall fans, the album was originally released in 1989 and has become a forgotten gem of Hall’s wilful and often brilliant career.The album explores the trio’s love of sixties pop, with a breezy and light musical feel, though the lyrical concerns are at times downbeat and a little kitsch.

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Ultra Modern Nursery Rhyme / Missing / Fishbones And Scaredy Cats / Lucky In Luv / Day Like Today / Sweet September Sacrifice / Beautiful People / Three Cool Cats / Happy Families / Just Go / Hush Hush Balooo / Lush Will Keep Us Together/


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