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Brought together by song-writer and guitarist Jed Dmochowski (The VIP’s, The Blue Aeroplanes, Dan Treacy’s Whaam Records) they started recording ‘To Forget An Actor’ three years ago on the state of the art self-made equipment of recording engineer percussionist/bass/guitar/string composer and arranger Ben Hooper.

The songs are intelligently crafted, each with its own spirit, thought and mojo. The searing beauty of Norwegian Marit-Tingtsad-Husby Loveland’s vocal in the opening track ‘All I Needed’ is complimented by avant-garde Austrian dancer Cornelia Voglmayr’s sensual delivery of the final epic ‘Like A Star’.

Ten tracks in all, four with a live-recorded string quartet, all performed with integrity and panache. And a beautiful 12″ vinyl gatefold  sleeve…

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Weight 400 kg
1. All I Needed

2. How Long has the Train Been Gone

3. Life is Better than Watching Films

4. Tranquilizers

5. Blue Bird

6. Filming the War

7. Sorrow Bird

8. Walk

9. Daffodils

10. Like a Star


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