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Released 22/06/09. Arguably the most valuable UK album in record collecting history, with copies known to have sold for £2,000! The LP was manufactured by Decca in 1969 but never issued. This is the first-ever official CD of their recordings. Adds numerous bonus tracks from singles and also from pre-Tinkerbells acts The Rush and Tommy Bishop’s Ricochets. Sleeve-notes finally tells their story – these will also be appearing as a feature in Record Collector mag. Tinkerbell’s Fairydust were inspired by American Sunshine/ harmony pop, with shades of psychedelia on certain tracks (e.g. ‘In My Magic Garden’). ‘Twenty Ten’ (as in the year 2010) was a huge hit at the time in Japan and is likely to enjoy a renewed profile next year…

Weight 200 kg


Twenty Ten / In My Magic Garden / Majorine / You Keep Me Hanging On / The Worst That Could Happen / Never My Love / Lazy Day / Every Minute Every Day / Whole World / They Didn't Believe Me / Happy / Sheila's Back In Town / Jeff's Boogie / Bonus Tracks- I Should Have Known (By Tommy Bishop's Ricochets) / On The Other Hand (By Tommy Bishop's Ricochets) / Once Again (By The Rush) / Make Mine Music (By The Rush) / Enjoy It (By The Rush) / Walking My Baby (Single) / Follow Me Follow (Single) / Midnight Train (By Tommy Bishop & Rock'n'roll Revival Show) / Oh, Boy (By Tommy Bishop & Rock'n'roll Revival Show)


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