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Unavailable for many years, RPM is pleased to be able to announce this long-awaited collection, featuring the vocal talents of arguably the best female singer ever to pass through the hallowed portals of Holloway Road – GLENDA COLLINS. This new release brings together every single she recorded for Joe Meek’s studio, some sixteen tracks in all. It’s long been a matter of debate just why Glenda didn’t manage to break through into the big – time, though the feeling is that if Meek had been able to put as much time into promotion as he did into production, things would have been very different. Certainly there are some stunning tracks here, up front beat numbers which still crackle with energy thirty years later, contrasting with catchy poppier tunes.

Weight 200 kg


Take A Chance / Crazy Guy / Oh How I Miss You Tonight / Age For Love / Head Over Heels In Love / Find Another Fool / I Lost My Heart At The Fairground / I Feel So Good / If You Gotta Pick A Baby / In The First Place 11 Baby It Hurts / Nice Wasn't It / Lollipop / Everybody's Got To Fall In Love / Johnny Love Me 16 Paradise For Two / Thou Shalt Not Steal / Been Invited To A Party / Something I Got To Tell You / My Heart Didn't Lie / It's Hard To Believe It / Don't Let It Rain On Sunday / Sing C'est La Vie / This Little Girl's Gone Rockin' / Run To Me (previously unissued) / You're Gonna Get Your Way (previously unissued) / Yeah Yeah Yeah (previouskly unissued)


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