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6/09/ 2010. The Frantic Flintstones are one of the best loved names from the Psychobilly scene with a large and loyal following. The band have recently had a resurgence of interest and have headlined festivals all over Europe during recent years. This wide-ranging compilation includes tracks from all of their individual albums.
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 1. Bedrock
16. My Woman Is A Leach
 2. Alley Cat King
 17. Unfortunate Jake
 3. What The Hell
 18. Devil Torn Blues
 4. One Night Stand
 19. Shake-A-Bone Capone
 5. Smack Smack
 20. Too Sweet To Die

 6. Bone Rest
 7. West Of London
 8. Tom Dooley
 9. Boneshaker Baby
 10. Burned & Turner
 11. Rockin' Bones
 12. Love For A Nutter (Brainstorm Baby)
 13. Diablo
 14. Lunatics Are Ravin'
 15. Necro Blues


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