The Tartan Army

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The Tartan Army

The Tartan Army


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Features 20 tracks paying tribute to the lionhearted Scotland football team. It contains all the classic Scotland tunes from the past 24 years including 1978’s “Ole Ola” featuring Rod Stuart and 1982’s number 5 hit “We have a dream”. There are also some newly recorded songs to celebrate Scotlands 6th qualification for the World Cup in France 98.

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Scotland World Cup Squad 1974 / Easy Easy / Andy Cameron / Ally's Tartan Army / Scottish World Cup Squad 1982 / We Have A Dream / Rod Stewart And The Scotlad World Cup Squad 1978 / Ole Ola / Rod Stewart And The Scottish Euro 96 Squad / Purple Heather / Ben Gunn / Wembley 77 / Scotland World Cup Squad 1986 / Big Trip To Mexico / Tartan Lads / Scotland Evermore / Scotland World Cup Squad 1974 / Scotland Scotland / Andy Cameron / Scotland For Me / Andy Cameron / Que Sera / Scotland World Cup Squad 1990 / Say It With Pride / Ben Gunn / Fergies Fusiliers / Ben Gunn / Viva Scotland / Mr Abie / We're The Scottish Supporters / Scotland World Cup Squad 1978 / 5000000 Scotsmen Will Call / Scotland World Cup Squad 1978 / Scotland Easy Okay / (Spoken Word) Andy Cameron / Camerons Capers / Sandy Scot / Scotland Rules / Big Bad Jock / The Ballad Of Kenny Dalglish
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