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The Sound of Revolution combines Gilberto Gils brilliant 1968 and 69 Tropicalia albums, Frevo Rasgado and Cerebro Electronico; joyous, extraordinarily inventive
pop music made against a background of terrible political unrest in Brazil and in the shadow of both imprisonment and eventually exile both for Gil and his friend Caetano Veloso.

The 1968 album is electrified by the meteoric Os Mutantes and both sets arranged by Rogerio Duprat who contributes a range of totally original textures and orchestration much as George Martin did with Strawberry Fields and Sgt Pepper. Suffice to say, this combination of precocious talent achieves a magical and historically important result. Tropicalia-Os Mutantes-Rogerio Duprat-LSD-Revolution Gilberto Gil narrated recent BBC4 documentary about Tropicalia.

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Frevo Rasgado / Coragem Pra Suportar / Domingou / Marginália Ii / Pega A Voga, Cabeludo / Ele Falava Nisso Todo Dia / Procissão / Luzia Luluza / Pé Da Roseira / Domingo No Parque / A Luta Contra A Lata Ou A Falência Do Café / Cérebro Eletrônico / Volks Volkswagem Blue / Aquele Abraço / Léguas E Meia / A Voz Do Vivo / Vitrines / 2001 / Futurível / Objeto Semi-Identificado / Omã Iaô


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