The Sensuous Man

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The Sensuous Man

The Sensuous Man

Mr Swenson


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Catalog ID: ANALOG004CD.

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Mister Swenson is the alter ego of Eric Swenson, the New York multimedia whizz and devil’s advocate responsible, along with partner Keith Seward, for three editions of the CD-ROM Blam! The Sensuous Man extends the soundscapes Eric has been making for Blam! It takes taboo, politically incorrect subjects and twists them into lurid, provocative dirges almost unbearable to listen to, and yet, paradoxically, rather soothing. Ultimately, this record is like the primal howling of some proto-bluesman, recorded on crackly wax cylinders. As Momus puts it ‘Someone met the devil at the crossroads, and it turned out to be the intersection of 3rd Street and Avenue A.

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