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To celebrate The Residents’ 50th Anniversary, The Cryptic Corporation presents ‘Faceless Forever – A Residents Encyclopaedia’.

Compiled, written and edited by Residents friends and insiders Jim Knipfel and Brian Poole, with contributions from The Residents themselves, Chris Combs, Paulie Kraynak, The Eyeball Museum and Richard Anderson, ‘Faceless Forever’ brings together over 500 entries exploring every release, every tour, key collaborators, lesser-known curiosities, niche trivia and minutiae from the periphery of the group’s universe. Ever wanted to know more about Randolph The Cat? Or wondered just how many albums The Residents have started but failed to complete? And who the hell is Gomer Flynn? Well, as ever with The Residents, the answers lie within.

Packed with both entry-level guidance and extreme nerdery beyond anything even the most determined of fans might want to know, and written with advice and insight from The Residents and The Cryptic Corporation, ‘Faceless Forever’ attempts the impossible – pulling together fifty years of mythology, half-truths and rumour concerning this most unknowable of bands – and, according to The Residents themselves, does an “OK” job of it.

Available exclusively by mail order, just in time for the group’s 50th Anniversary, chances are, if you’re reading this, that this is THE BOOK FOR YOU.






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