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The Greatest Cockney Rip Off – You can download the Realplayer free “I’m Not A Fool”, “Badman”, “The Greatest Cockney Rip Off”, “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles”, “We Can Do Anything” and “We Are The Firm” were all top 75 hit singles for The Rejects and are all featured on this release.
Weight 200 kg


1. Flares'n'Slippers
2. Police Car
3. I Wanna Be A Star
4. I'm Not A Fool
5. East End
6. Bad Man!
7. The New Song
8. The Greatest Cockney Rip Off
9. Hate Of The City
10. I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles
11. West Side Boys
12. We Can Do Anything
13. Nights
14. We Are The Firm
15. On The Terraces
16. Easy Life (LIVE)
17. Motorhead (LIVE)
18. Hang 'em High (LIVE)
19. On The Streets Again
20. Lomdob
21. Till The End Of The Day
22. Rock'n'Roll Dream


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