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Motörhead are a band, and indeed a brand, with international appeal and a fanbase spanning generations. Headed by the icon and national treasure that is Lemmy Kilminster, their career is about to enter its fifth decade, and their popularity only ever seems to grow witness the crossover of their instantly recognisable T-shirts onto the high street during the last decade. The heavy rock and metal community holds the band in God-like regard, and no rock or driving orientated compilation album is complete without their career defining crossover hit Ace Of Spades . Meanwhile, their image and trademark sound has survived the whims of fashion intact and virtually unchanged since their first release.

The Motörhead Collector s Guide is a complete update and revamp of a much sought after title originally published in 1994 (which now sells regularly for £50+ on the second hand book market). This modern, well designed new edition tells an alternate history of the band via its discography and collectables, along with choice selections from the infamous fanzine Motörheadbangers . The author is the undisputed authority on the band and his vast collection is explored chronologically and at length, alongside selected highlights and extracts from the zine, in a title that will appeal to everybody from the die-hard Motörhead fan (and there are many!) to the casual rock reader. Record and musical memorabilia collectorswill also find the title of great interest, and the international nature of the author s collection and knowledge adds a fantastic worldwide appeal.

Mick Stevenson has been following Motörhead and collecting releases since 1977, and has assisted with Motörheadbangers fan club operations for many years. Referred to by Lemmy as The Record-finder General and a Superfan , he has acted as project consultant on a number of TV programmes about the band, as well as numerous magazine articles and major CD releases. Mick was also Assistant Producer on Motorhead s 25th Anniversary Boneshaker DVD, and has appeared in two of their music videos. Regularly to be found with a beer in his hand at Motörhead gigs around the world to this day, Mick has seen so many shows he lost count way back in the mists of time at around the 250 mark!!

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