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The digipack contains the tracks from the original first album of The Image Has Cracked” plus 11 bonus tracks which include all of their a and b sides such as “How Much Longer”, “Life” and “Action Time Vision”. Alternative TV were one of the founding fathers of punk and this album is a must for the serious punk fan!

“ATV acted as a vehicle for a belligerent attack on the vacuous cliches of punk society itself, fed by influences like Can, Frank Zappa and reggae.” -Rob Hughes, Uncut, Jan 2013.

Weight 200 kg




1. Alternatives

2. Action Time Vision

3. Why Don't You Do Me Right

4. Good Times

5. Still Life

6. Viva La Rock 'N' Roll

7. Nasty Little Lonely

8. Red

9. Splitting In Two

Bonus Tracks:

10. Love Lies Limp

11. Life

12. How Much Longer?

13. You Bastard

14. Another Coke

15. Life After Life

16. Life After Dub

17. The Force Is Blind

18. Lost In A Room

19. How Much Longer (Different Version)

20. You Bastard (Different Version)


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