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The Hook evolved out of legendary Los Angeles’ folk rockers The Leaves, and burst upon the 1967 music scene with a bombastic power trio sound that made Blue Cheer sound like wimps!

The Hook appeared in the iconic TV cop show, Ironside, in the episode A Trip to Hashbury, performing the mind-bending acid-rock anthems ‘Son of Fantasy’ and ‘Plug Your Head In’, both of which feature on this collection.

Signed to the hip UNI label, they released two albums of heavy psychedelic blues rock,  similar to that of Cream and Jimi Hendrix. The addition of keyboards made their second album reminiscent of The Doors and Iron Butterfly.

For the first time, both Hook albums from 1968/1969 are married on one CD, complete with a detailed history featuring quotes by band members, illustrated with a multitude of rare photographs and posters. Prepare to get hooked by The Hook!

Weight 200 kg


The Hook Will Grab You - Homes / Lookin’ For You / You Know I Do / Turn Your Head / Son Of Fantasy/  Dr. B and His Friends / Plug Your Head In / Everything’s /  Groovy / Garbage Man / Dimples / Hooked : Go / You’re Lookin’ Fine / There’s Magic In The Air / Son Of Fantasy ii / Hook Can Cook / Love Theme In E Major / A Beautiful Tomorrow / You Need People / All Around The World / You Don’t Have To Stay / Bonus Tracks : In The Beginnin / Show You The Way


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