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The Fool, anarchic eccentrics in 1960’s Amsterdam and London, designers of many a psychedelic wonder…mainly known for being slagged off in every Beatles book ever written by those who weren’t there, but they also made a self-title album (CRREV116). Produced by Graham Nash on the cusp of leaving THE HOLLIES (who The Fool also did sleeves for!) and founding CSN, engineered by Hendrix soundmaster Eddie Kramer, the album is a shock, this is a tour de force of Wyrd Folk ala Incredible String Band and strange twisted visions of pop ala God knows who! The Fool can take it’s place alongside the likes of VASHTI’s “Another Diamond Day” as rediscovered artefacts of a time when an injection of Wicker Man-ism somehow found it’s way into the already twisted body of British pop

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Fly / Voice On The Wind / Rainbow Man / Cry For Me / No One Will Ever Know / Reincarnation / Hello Little Sister / Keep On Pushin' / Inside Your Mind / Lay It Down Bonus Tracks: We Are One / Shining Light


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