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Released 14/11/11. The best album of flamenco guitar duets ever made by two of the greatest Spanish guitarists of their day. Sabicas was a technical and improvisational genius who is at least the equal of Django Reinhardt or any player in the classical or rock field. He has been described as the maestro of the concert-hall flamenco guitarists. Mario Escudero was also counted among the finest in his era – the legendary Ramón Montoya called him “the best flamenco guitarist of this new generation.”

They were the first ones to form such a guitar duo and it seems improbable that anyone else will imitate them successfully. Normally the Flamenco guitarist improvises. He plays by heart; neither the music or the arrangement, complicated as it may be, is written down. Obviously the difficulty of making an arrangement for two guitars, with the frequent and rapid changes of rhythm typical of this music, is great enough; but to hear two soloists with all their virtuosity and temperament transformed into a team performing the colourful, melodious, Flamenco music with all its rhythmic patterns and variations sounds almost like the achievement of the impossible.

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Columbiana Flamenca (Columbiana) / Fantasia Andaluza (Bulerias) / Variaciones De Farruca (Farruca) / Ritmos Malagueños (Verdiales/Fandangos De Huelva) / Gitanos Trianeros (Soleares) / Villancico Flamenco (Campanilleros) / Temas Andaluces (El Vito) / Pregón Gaditano (Alegeras) / Bordones Granadinos (Granadina) / Recuerdo A Estampio (Zapateado) / Sevillanas / La Farruca (Farruca) / Temas Primitivos (Soleares) / Fandango Del Albaicin (Fandango) / Recuerdo A Linares (Taranta) / Ritmos De Sabicas (Bulerias) / Sentimiento Flamenco (Seguiriya) / Solera Gaditana (Alegrias) / Camino Del Monte (Tientos) / Improvisacion (Trémolo)


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