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Released 17/11/08. ATOMHENGE, the home of HAWKWIND’s catalogue between 1976 – 1997, begin their campaign of definitive editions of the Hawks albums with two 3CD boxed set anthologies of which ‘The Dream Goes On’ is the second. It is a fitting tribute to one of Britain’s finest bands. This anthology sees HAWKWIND journey to the end of the 1980’s and into the 90’s still retaining their original spirit whilst eagerly absorbing the ever changing musical landscape around them. Always ahead of their contemporaries and led by founder DAVE BROCK, this second lavish CD set draws on selections from such classic albums as CHRONICLE OF THE BLACK SWORD, LIVE CHRONICLES, XENON CODEX, SPACE BANDITS, PALACE SPRINGS, ELECTRIC TEPEE, THE BUSINESS TRIP, ALIEN 4, LOVE IN SPACE & DISTANT HORIZON, serving as a reminder of HAWKWIND’s enduring appeal. With all tracks newly remastered from the original master tapes, alongside the companion 3CD set ‘The Spirit of the Age’, THE DREAM GOES ON!

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CD One
Song of the Swords / Shade Gate / Needle Gun / Zarozinia (taken from the album "The Chronicle of the Black Sword” – Released in December 1985) / Master of the Universe / Dreaming City / Moonglum / Elric the Enchanter / Conjuration of Magnu / Magnu / Dust of Time (Recorded at Hammersmith Odeon on 3rd and 4th December 1985 taken from the album "Live Chronicles” – Released in November 1986) / Cajun Jinx (taken from the album "Out and Intake” – Released in May 1987) / The War I Survived / Heads / Lost Chronicles / Wastelands of Sleep (taken from the album "The Xenon Codex” – Released in April 1988) / Wings / Ship of Dreams / T.V. Suicide (taken from the album "Space Bandits” – Released in September 1990) Total Time: 78:07

CD Two
Images (taken from the album "Space Bandits” – Released in September 1990) / Back in the Box / Treadmill / Lives of Great Men / Void of Golden Light (taken from the album "Palace Springs” – Released in June 1991) / Eons (Snake Dance) / Ejection (recorded at the Omni Club, Oakland, California on 16th December 1990, taken from the album "California Brainstorm” – First released in the USA in July 1992) / LSD / Mask of Morning / The Secret Agent (taken from the album "Electric Tepee” – Released in May 1993) / Letting in the Past / The Camera That Could Lie (taken from the album "It is the Business of the Future to Be Dangerous” released in October 1993) Total time: 77:51

CD Three:
Space is Their (Palestine) (taken from the album "It is the Business of the Future to Be Dangerous” released in October 1993) / The Dream Goes On / Right to Decide / The Dream Has Ended / This Future (taken from the album "The Business Trip – Live”, released in September 1994) / White Zone (taken from the album "White Zone”, released in February 1995 / Sputnik Stan / Death Trap (taken from "Alien 4”, released in October 1995) / Alien I Am (The Roswell Edit) (taken from "Area S4” EP, released in October 1995 / Love in Space / Lord of Light (taken from the "Love in Space” EP, released in August 1997) / Distant Horizon / Phetamine Street / Waimeia Canyon Drive / Alchemy (taken from the album "Distant Horizon”, released in October 1997 Total time: 79:08


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