Released on 06/09/10. One of Punk’s biggest selling bands of the early 80’s and collating all of their tracks released as singles has been a real labour of love.
All the collectors’ items sleeves have been gathered together for the artwork along with extensive sleeve notes.
Musical highlights include the indie chart hits Harry May , Smash The Disco’s and the ultra rare “Out Of Business” EP.

1. Harry May

2. National Insurance Blacklist

3. Step Into Christmas

4. Dayo

5. Disco Girls

6. Smash The Discos

7. Loud Proud And Punk

8. H-Bomb

9. Last Train To Clapham Junction

10. Law And Order

11. Do They Owe Us A Living?

12. Tell Us The Truth

13. Get Out Of My House

14. All Out Tonight

15. Foreign Girl

16. Outlaw

17. Drinkin' 'N' Drivin'

18. Hurry Up Harry

19. H-Bomb (Live)

20. Do A Runner

21. Coventry (New Version)

22. Welcome To The Real World

23. No Emotions (New Version)

24. Anywhere But Here

25. All Out

26. (You're) Going Down In History

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