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This limited edition digipack features all of the singles from one of the early 80’s most successful punk bands.

The Adicts released 7 EP singles and all 24 tracks are featured on this superb release. Included is the legendary “Viva La Revolution” 45, regarded as one of punk’s finest moments.


Weight 200 kg



1. This Week

2. Easy Way Out

3. Straight Jacket

4. Organized Confusion

5. Viva La Revolution

6. Steamroller

7. Numbers

8. Chinese Takeaway

9. You'll Never Walk Alone

10. Too Young

11. Bad Boy

12. Joker In The Pack

13. Shake Rattle Bang Your Head

14. Tokyo

15. The Odd Couple

16. ADX Medley

17. Falling In Love Again

18. Come Along

19. It's A Laugh

20. Saturday Night

21. Champs Elysees

22. Sound Of Music

23. Who Spilt My Beer



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