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Released 20/10/08. The Circle And The Square was originally released in 1986 and has become one of the most requested reissues, even with an online petition launched to see it released. 2nd hand copies exchange hands for approximately £200.

This reissue features four of the band’s best known singles including their two top 10 hits ‘Lean On Me’ number 3 in ’85 and ‘For America’ number 10 in ’86.The CD booklet features a UK discography and various sleeve notes including a written contribution by lead vocalist Simon Toulson-Clarke. The CD includes 6 bonus tracks, the band’s original Cherry Red single ‘Chenko/Valley’ and all of the b/sides from the singles listed above. The b/sides are appearing on CD for the first time. Red Box came to the attention of the world with their debut single “Chenko” on Cherry Red Records in 1983.

The band soon signed to WEA Records and the band hit the upper reaches of the charts with their 2nd single ‘Lean On Me’. The band enjoyed further single chart success and released two albums, ‘The Circle & The Square’ and ‘Motive’. Red Box should’ve enjoyed lasting success but the band’s output stopped there until the re-recorded version of ‘Lean On Me’ was made available through iTunes by the band in 2007. The band’s influence is still evident today with many fan websites created to celebrate the band’s music.

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Weight 200 kg


For America / Heart Of The Sun / Billy's Line / Bantu / Living In Domes / Lean On Me (Reprise) / Chenko (Tenka-Io) / Lean On Me (Ah-Li-Ayo) / Saskatchewan / Leaders In Seventh Heaven / Walk Walk / Amen / R 'N' A / Stinging Bee / Enjoy (Solid Gold Easy Amex) / Speeches / Chenko (Tenka-Io) Original Cherry Red Version / Valley Original Cherry Red Version


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