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For the first time ever on DVD, a comprehensive impression of life on the British Home Front during the First World War and the very varied roles and responsibilities shouldered by British citizens during a time of real sacrifice and privation.  This welcome addition to the award-winning company Strike Force Entertainment’s market-leading First World War Collection provides over 2 ½ hours of the very best newsreels and film clips.

Included are sections on –

  • The enlisting and conscription of recruits and their preliminary military drills and training.
  • Citizens’ protests against pacifists, Germans, high food prices, conscription and others demanding alcohol prohibition and enemy internment.
  • The changing role of women; women as land girls, grocers, navvies, gas workers, brewers, munition workers, postal workers, firefighters and locomotive engineers.
  • Emergency services; police, ambulance and fire brigade.
  • Attack from the air by Zeppelin bombers and from the sea by U-Boat.
  • Rationing, salvage, War Bond and communal kitchen campaigns.
  • The wartime wounded; convalescent homes, shellshock victims, war neuroses, amputee / artificial limb training.
  • A look at the home front Railways.
  • Royal tours around the homeland; including visits to London, Bath, Clydeside and Tyneside.
  • The Victory Parades.


NB: This title is released July 28 and will not be dispatched before this date.

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