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Between 1974-1976, the Glitter Band released a total of nine singles on the U.K. Bell label, running up seven Top 20 hits, one American club smash, and emerging, at the end of the day, with two bona fide classics — their debut, “Angel Face,” and, precisely midway through the sequence, “Goodbye My Love.”



1. Angel Face

2. You Wouldn't Leave Me Would You

3. Just for You

4. I'm Celebrating

5. Let's Get Together Again

6. Jukebox Queen

7. Goodbye My Love

8. Got To Get Ready For Love

9. The Tears I Cried

10. Until Tomorrow

11. Love in the Sun

12. I Can Hear Music

13. Alone Again

14. Watch The Snow

15. People Like You and People Like Me

16. Makes You Blind

17. Don't Make Promises (You Can't Keep)

18. Tuna Biscuit

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