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The last two studio albums from the Macc Lads finally get the Anagram two CDs for the price of one treatment. Seven bonus tracks have been added including the ultra rare cassette EP’sBog N Roll Circus and Turtles Heads. The booklet contains hilarious notes to each song plus original album artwork. Totally re-mastered by Tim Turan. Back in the mid-late 80s, the Macc Lads were regularly featured in the seminal Viz magazine with their own cartoon strip and were one of the major attractions on the UK Punk / Alternative scene.

Track Listing:


The Beer Necessities –

1. Alcohol

2. Germans

3. Fellatio Nelson

4. Desperate Dan

5. Grease Stop

6. Apprentice Dentist

7. Man In The Boat

8. Newcy Brown

9. Mccavity

10. Chester Zoo

11. Naughty Boy

12. Mister Methane

13.  More Tea Vicar?

14. Two Stroke Eddie

15. Animal Testing

16. Don’t Fear The Weeper

17. Poodles

Bog n roll Circus Cassette Ep –

18. Buenos Airies 90

19. Fellatio Nelson

20. Poodles

21. Two Stroke Eddie


Alehouse Rock –

1. Piles

2. Alehouse Rock

3. Back On The Pies Again

4. Tart With The Heart

5. Vigilante Shanty

6.  Prestbury Girls

7. Village Idiot

8. Frogbashing Gone Fishin

9. Rockweilers

10. Father’s day

11. Turtles Heads

12. Dirty Glass

13. Thinking In The Dark

14. Helen Of Fowey

15. Hen Night

Bonus Tracks

Turtles Heads Cassette Ep

16. Piles

17. Prestbury Girls

18. Turtles Heads

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