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This digitally remastered collection brings together some of his finest moments from the sixties and seventies, from his take on Professor Longhair’s ‘Tipitina’ to his own ‘Mama Roux’ and much more.



1. In The Night 2. Tipitina 3. Woman Is The Root Of All Evil 4. Mean Cheatin' Woman 5. Bald Head 6. Qualified 7. Just Like A Mirror 8. Wash, Mama, Wash 9. What Comes Around (Goes Around) 10. Shoo Ra 11. Quitters Never Win 12. Cat And Mouse Game 13. Danger Zone 14. She's Just A Square 15. Mama Roux 16. A Little Closer To My Home 17. I Pulled The Covers Off You Two Lovers 18. Go Ahead On 19. Bring Your Love 20. Make Your Own


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