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Sunglasses After Dark

Sunglasses After Dark

Sunglasses After Dark


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Their set was a two-headed musical mutation. A schizophrenic tag-team of schlock-horror rockabilly and pantomime parodies of the burgeoning gothic-punk scene. The band took their twisted interpretation of the future of rock n roll to the stages of underground dives and bars across London. The genre-transcending nature of their music meant that they found approval and rejection in equal measure amongst the various youth tribes that haunted the Capital’slive music scene. Sunglasses After Dark found themselves adopted by followers of the Post-Punk/Pre-Goth movement that was emerging in the early 80s, they were touted as early protagonists and instigators of the early Psychobilly scene and even found themselves drawn into the Anarcho Truepunk movement centred around Centre Iberico and the squats of West London.

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Sunglasses Ron / Destiny / Black Radio / ? / Flesh Eater / Untamed Culture / At The Hop / Queen Of Flies / Monster Ruck / Grave Of Shades / Soul / Rubber Mask / Sex-Fiend / Mental Geezer / Morbid Silence / Let's Go / Untamed Culture / Hell - Hag Shuffle / Swamp Baby
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