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Strong Enough was Travis Tritt’s eighth album released on Columbia Records Nashville in 2002. The tracks Strong Enough To Be Your Man (an answer song to Sheryl Crow’s 1995 single Strong Enough) and Country Ain’t Country were released as singles, reaching #13 and #26 on the Billboard country charts. His masterful style of hard-rockin’ country goes straight into high gear with the burning opening track and continues through to the end with solid consistency. My Honky Tonk History, his ninth album, was released on Columbia Records in 2004. It features the singles The Girl’s Gone Wild, What Say You (feat. John Mellencamp), and I See Me, which peaked at #28, #21 and #32 on the Hot Country Songs charts, respectively. The duet was Mellencamp’s first Top 40 entry on the country charts. As the years pass, Travis Tritt continues to mature and grow as an artist, yet he always maintains that integrity of sound and commitment to tradition which has characterized him. His music remains powerful, contemporary, true to his roots, and 100% Tritt.



Strong Enough/ You Can't Count Me Out Yet/ Can't Tell Me Nothin'/ Strong Enough To Be Your Man/ Country Ain't Country/ If You're Gonna Straighten Up (Brother Now's The Time)/ Doesn't Anyone Hurt Anymore/ You Really Wouldn't Want Me That Way/ I Don't Ever Want Her To Feel That Way Again/ Time To Get Crazy/ Now I've Seen It All/ God Must Be A Woman/ I Can't Seem To Get Over You/ My Honky Tonk History/ Honky-Tonk History/ Too Far To Turn Around/ The Girl's Gone Wild What Say You (Duet With John Mellencamp)/ Circus Leaving Town/ Monkey Around/ I See Me/ When Good Ol' Boys Go Bad/ We've Had It All It's All/ About The Money/ Small Doses/ When In Rome


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