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Released on 21/09/09. Led by the inscrutably gnomic Derek Noy, Yorkshirebased outfit Jan Dukes de Grey briefly emerged in the late Sixties to deliver two of the rarest, most soughtafter albums in the British acid folk lexicon, Sorcerers and the extraordinary Mice And Rats In The Loft, before disappearing into the ether once more.

Some four decades after they were recorded, both albums are finally collected under one roof, thereby charting the startling musical and personal journey undertaken by a band that metamorphosed overnight from beatific flower children singing newly-minted hymns to Mother Nature to paranoid, knife-wielding refugees from Witchfinder General. With the addition of a little-known post-band single, this vital new release unveils the band’sstory for the first time, featuring numerous previously unpublished photos and first-ever quotes from the newly-unearthed Derek Noy. This definitive double CD is nothing less than the complete recording history of one of the most mysterious, iconoclastic acts of the hippie era.

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Disc One

Sorcerers Dragons / Rags, Old Iron / 28th June, Village Song / High Priced Room / Sorcerers / Ode To A Schoolgirl / The Cheering Crowd / Out Of The Eastern Hills / M.S.S. / Texas / Yorkshire Indian Sitting In The Sun / Wonder Child / Dominique / Trust Me Now / Forms / City After 3:00 Am / Butterfly / Turkish Time

Disc Two

Mice And Rats In The Loft Sun Symphonica / Call Of The Wild / Mice And Rats In The Loft Bonus Tracks Love Potion No. 9 (Asnoy Sband) / Eldorado (Asnoy Sband)


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