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Made in 1917 and released for the first time ever, SONS OF OUR EMPIRE, is an important documentary that details some of the most fraught military campaigns of the Great War from mid-1916 into the early months of 1917. SONS OF OUR EMPIRE offers fascinating, previously unseen, insights into key events of the First World War with British troops augmented throughout by their comrades in arms from across the Empire. This release has a specially built soundtrack of period music and selected sound effects.

SONS OF OUR EMPIRE includes :-

The training for the offensive and the bombardment and capture of Bapaume much of it directed by air observation including scenes of a daylight trench raid and in a Vickers machine gun emplacement.

The British battle-cruiser squadron at Rosyth, including HMS Lion and HMS Birmingham and the Royal Naval Air Service at Felixstowe with their early seaplanes and flying boats like the Short 184, the Sopwith Baby and the Curtiss H.2.

A King Edward VII class Battleship firing a broadside, the destroyer HMS Firedrake firing torpedoes and a look at the submarine service: the E.23 sub is loaded with torpedoes, submerges, surfaces and fires her 12-pounder gun.

British preparations during the later Somme offensive including the use of Mark 1 female and male tanks, FE2b and FE2d bombers of the Royal Flying Corps, 12-inch ‘Boche Buster’ railway guns, the cavalry and an RE7 observation plane.

The Canadian capture of Courcelatte with howitzers firing their bombardment, Mark 1 tanks moving forward and 13-pounder anti-aircraft guns blasting away as the Canadians go ‘over the top’ and across ‘no man’s land’.

A survey of the wounded, the prisoners and the captured ground from the British Somme offensive.



N.B. This title is released 16th October 2015 and will not be dispatched before this date.


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