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Released 20/04/09. Born Neville Keighley, Some released his first LP ‘Some People’ in 1985 and the title track was a club hit. Although Some’s contribution to the Pretty in Pink soundtrack, “Round, Round,” did not penetrate the mainstream, it introduced Some to an audience outside of discotheques. Produced by Bernard Edwards, “Round, Round” had enough electric guitars to seduce rock fans while maintaining the interest of the dance crowd with its pounding groove.

‘Imagination’, a song from ‘Some People’, was reissued in 1986, peaking at number 17 on the U.K. pop charts. Both ‘Some People’ and ‘Imagination’ were remixed several times. In 1987, Some recorded his self-titled second album, but it failed to duplicate the success of his debut. Some then disappeared from the music scene, lost in an ’80s “Where Are They Now?” file until 1993 when he released Living Your Life. Contains the top 20 hit ‘Imagination’

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Some People / Stand Down / Imagination / Walk Away / Aware Of You / Target Practice / Have You Ever Been In Love / Tail Lights / Jerusalem / Bonus Tracks -Imagination (Dance Mix) / Stand Down (Live Version) / Some People (Extended) / Some People (Dub Mix) / Jerusalem (Instrumental Version) / Target Practice


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