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•    Founded by highly successful songwriter Les Reed in 1968, the Chapter One label had a five-year run before eventually succumbing to the law of diminishing chart returns.  

•    Despite scoring a handful of hits (step forward Gerry Monroe and, er, Leeds United F. C.), their most enduring releases have turned out to be a swathe of singles that met with little success at the time, but which are now in great demand amongst collectors of late 60s/early 70s UK psychedelic pop and associated genres.  

•    A few tracks have found their way onto unauthorised compilations over the last few years, but Shapes and Shadows – taken from the masters, and with the full co-operation of Les Reed and Chapter One – proudly assembles these recordings in one place for the first time.  

•    Complete with rare photos, quotes and the full story behind the various bands as well as the label itself, Shapes and Shadows is a fascinating look at the soft white underbelly of the British pop industry during the late 60s/early 70s as well as an essential listen for genre aficionados.

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1.    PUTNEY BRIDGE – What’s It All About
2.    EPISODE SIX – Lucky Sunday
3.    THE BLISS – Lifetime
4.    PHILWIT & PEGASUS – The Elephant Song
5.    JASON CORD – Spring Never Came Twice
6.    EPISODE SIX – Mozart Versus The Rest
7.    PUTNEY BRIDGE – Your Turn To Die
8.    CHRISTOPHER – The Race
9.    SAD PEOPLE – Turn Around
10.    THE MATCHMAKERS – Lovers’ Congregation
11.    THE CALIFORNIANS – You’ve Got Your Troubles
12.    EPISODE SIX – Mr Universe
13.    CHRISTOPHER – Sharkey
14.    THE MARCH HARE – Cry My Heart
15.    MORNING GLORY – Marjory Daw
16.    THE BLISS – Courtyards Of Castile
17.    BROTHER JOHN – Brother John
18.    SAD PEOPLE – Lonely Man
19.    EPISODE SIX – Jack D’Or
20.    PUTNEY BRIDGE – The Meaning Of Love
21.    THE MATCHMAKERS – Thank You Baby For Coming
22.    MORNING GLORY – Munday Street
23.    THE MARCH HARE – With My Eyes Closed
24.    EPISODE SIX – Gentlemen Of The Park
25.    LES REED – Big Bare Beat
26.    TANDEM – Shapes And Shadows

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