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Digitally re-mastered and expanded edition of this 1975 album from the British Pop trio including bonus tracks.

Signed to EMI in April 1974, consummate musicians David Paton/Billy Lyall/Stuart Tosh expertly meshed catchy tunes, punchy guitars and strong harmonies to score major international success with three albums in three years.

Second Flight was their sophomore album, again produced by Alan Parsons (who would take three of Pilot to record his own album I-Robot a year later), featured a major hit with the single ‘January’, a #1 in many countries.

Also here are the non LP ‘Lady Luck’ single, two unreleased songs and the demo version of ‘January’.



1. You're My No. 1

2. Love Is

3. Call Me Round

4. 55° North 3° West

5. To You Alone

6. Do Me Good

7. Heard It All Before

8. Bad to Me

9. You're Devotion

10. January

11. Passion Piece

12. Dear Artist
13. You're Devotion [*]

14. Love Is [*]

15. January [*]

16. Lady Luck [*]