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For many years, this has remained one of the most enigmatic and collectable artefacts from the original Golden Age of British pop-psych… beloved by serious collectors, Austin Powers lookalikes and oddly enough, the dance music DJ community alike, the price of this mysterious band’s one and only album, already at £200 by the mid-1990’s, continues to soar…. but why? Who on earth were they?

A classic Brit-psych cover conceals a masterpiece which *might* be serious or might be a send up. High Wycombe’s most famous period export (along with Zandra Rhodes) continues to both puzzle and amaze. Four art school boys who recorded an album’s worth of amazing, dayglow music in an independent studio and ended up selling it to Parlophone Records and rubbing shoulders with The Beatles who, along with The Who and The Moody Blues, name checked our heroes regularly. It sounds like time you heard what everyone is so worked up about!!

Weight 200 kg


She’s Alright / I’m So Happy / Montgolfier / Drive My Car / Goodbye / Hey You / Sun Sing / Sun and Sand / Labour Exchange / They’m / No / Sighing Game / Come and Go


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