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A fascinating chronology of archive training films
featuring staged demonstrations of the correct methods of rescuing aircrew and
passengers from crashed military and civilian aircraft. Locating the forcible
entry break-in points of a variety of classic aircraft and the tools used to
gain access, this is both an in-depth look at the intricate preparedness of
rescue teams in the event of an emergency and a nostalgic reminder of when
these now much loved heritage aircraft types were in the frontline of active

1945 (6 mins)
Various methods are used to gain entry to a
crashed Lancaster bomber and carry out injured airmen featuring close-up shots
of the emergency hatch and break-in markings. A burning Anson is extinguished.
1957 (65 mins)
Featuring emergency rescue procedures for the
following aircraft :-
Gloster Meteor, Gloster Javelin, Hawker Hunter,
B-45 Tornado, Blackburn Beverley, Handley Page Hastings, Bristol Britannia,
Avro Vulcan, Vickers Valiant, De Havilland Vampire and the English Electric
1970 (57 mins)
Featuring emergency rescue procedures for the
following aircraft :-
The Wasp, Scout, Wessex and Whirlwind helicopters.
The Dominie T1 weapon systems training aircraft and the Vulcan and Victor
Interceptor, Strike And Training Aircraft featured
include the Phantom, Buccaneer, Lightning and the Harrier.
Includes an ‘abandon aircraft’ drill and the
deployment of rescue chutes and illustrates the emergency access points of
civil aircraft – the VC10, Andover, Bassett, Hercules and the Belfast.
1987 (52 mins)
Illustrating forcible entry techniques and the
correct procedures for the evacuation of crews and, where applicable,
passengers from :-
Fighters and Trainer Aircraft : the Bulldog, Jet
Provost, Hawk, Tornado, Jaguar, Phantom, Harrier and the F-111.
Passenger and Cargo Planes : the Jetstream,
Dominie, BAE 146, Andover, Hercules, Nimrod and the Tri-Star.
Helicopters : the Gazelle, Wessex, Puma, Sea King
and the Chinook.

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