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Released on 22/02/10. Refuge Denied -Thrash with a different perspective, released in 1987 and produced by Dave Mustaine, containing a great version of Jefferson Airplanes White Rabbit.

Into The Mirror Black – Sanctuary’s second and final album released 1990 is an over-looked masterpiece, blurring the lines between technical, Bay area-style thrash, traditional heavy metal and European power metal. Every song hitting the sweet spot between hook and riff, it is a triumph and a shame that it was their final album.

Warrel Dane and Jim Sheppard went on to extend Sanctuary’s ambition and song writing sensibilities into the superb NEVERMORE. Two original albums released as a double CD

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Refuge Denied
Battle Angels / Termination Force / Die For My Sins / Soldiers Of Steel / Sanctuary / White Rabbit / Ascension To Destiny / The Third War / Veil Of Disguise

Into The Mirror Black
Future Tense / Taste Revenge / Long Since Dark / Epitaph / Eden Lies Obscured / The Mirror Black / Seasons Of Destruction / One More Murder / Communion


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