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Widely regarded as the best female rock band Japan has ever produced. Seagulls were discovered by Cornelius (Japan’s biggest underground popstar) and signed to his stylish Trattoria sound label. Subsequently the band has built up a considerable catalogue of domestic releases and a fanbase of 50,000. SSKHKH are number 3 in Courtney Love’s top 5 picks for 2001 and she is continuing to rave about them on the internet or to anyone that will listen.

Seagulls have toured America twice (playing with the likes of Modest Mouse, Yo La Tengo and Mogwai) despite their records only being available as expensive imports. “Red Talk’ is the first Seagulls screaming release anywhere outside of Japan “Red Talk’ is also the definitive Seagulls compilation with exclusive design by el graphic and containing an exclusive video track called “Sister Sister”.

Weight 200 kg


Sentimental Journey / Pink Soda / No Luck / A Shotgun and Me / Angel / Pretty in Pink / Chik Chik AA / Grapefruit / Asking For It / A Guitar For Me and a Milk For her / Count 0 Number 1 / Psycho Melody / She / Sister SIster / 8 / Mo Mo Gimi Mo / As Long As We're Together / If I Happen To Fall Down (In Your Arms)


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