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Raoul and the Kings of Spain is the fifth album by the British pop-rock band Tears For Fears.
Like the prior album ‘Elemental’, it is essentially a solo effort by Roland Orzabel.
The album was originally scheduled to be released by Mercury records but the project was cancelled after Tears For Fears left the label to sign with Sony.
The album features a return by Oleta Adams, who duets with Orzabal on the track ‘Me and My Big Ideas’.
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Raoul And The Kings Of Spain / Falling Down / Secrets / God's Mistake / Sketches Of Pain / Los Reyes Católicos / Sorry / Humdrum And Humble / I Choose You / Don't Drink The Water / Me And My Big Ideas / Los Reyes Católicos" (Reprise) / Bonus Tracks - All Of The Angels / The Madness Of Roland / Queen Of Compromise / Until I Drown / War Of Attrition / Raoul And The Kings Of Spain (Acoustic) / Break It Down Again (Acoustic)


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