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First ever CD release for the legendary Cortinas, the only major first
wave of Punk band to emerge from Bristol. Originally signed to the
seminal Step Forward Records by Sniffin Glue founder Mark Perry, The
Cortinas released that labels first ever record, Fascist Dictator which
was hailed by Mojo Magazine as the 64th Most Important Punk Single Ever!
includes follow up single Defiant Pose and all of their major label
album True Romances which was produced by Martin Birch of Iron Maiden
fame The bands one and only session for the late great John Peel is also
given its first commercial release on this CD Guitarist Nick Sheppard
later went on to join The Clash and appeared on their album Cut The
Weight 200 kg


Singles -
1. Fascist Dictator
2. Television Families
3. Defiant Pose
4. Independence

John Peel Session-
5. Having It
6. Further Education
7. Defiant Pose
8. Television Families
True Romances Album -
9. Heartache
10. I Don’t Really Want To Get Involved
11. Ask Mr.Waverly
12. Youth Club Dance
13. First Look At The Purse
14. Radio Rape
15. Tribe Of The City
16. Have It With You
17. I Trust Valerie Singleton
18. Broken Not Twisted
19. Take That Light Away
20. Further Education
21. I’ll Keep My Distance
22. Heartache (7 Version)


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