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A limited edition re-pressing of one of SFE’s best-selling titles ever and hot on the heels of the hit feature film Their Finest, this is the definitive compilation of historic Second World War Public Information trailers made for the Ministry of Information!

Official trailers that encouraged greater effort from those fighting on the Home Front.

This comprehensive two-disc set of over 4 1/2 hours of footage includes cinema trailers from famous campaigns like ‘Is Your Journey Necessary’, ‘Dig for Victory’, ‘Make-Do and Mend’, ‘Careless Talk Costs Life’, ‘Food Flashes’, ‘Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases’, ‘You Can’t Be Too Careful’, and ‘Look Out in the Blackout!’ along with many trailers promoting the necessity of, and creative adaptation to, food rationing and greater household fuel efficiency.

Many household names of the era like Tommy Trinder, Cyril Fletcher, ‘Cheerful’ Charlie Chester, Old Mother Riley, Jimmy Hanley, Stanley Holloway, Arthur Haynes, a young George Cole and Alastair Sim amongst others feature in these trailers, collected in one massive DVD release, many for the very first time!

An exclusive bonus feature, ‘The Best of Post-War British Public Information Films 1946 – 1952’, gives an insight into the concerns of the post-war world of reconstruction, including an emphasis on productivity for the export drive, the much-feared spectre of diphtheria, recruitment into the forces, the continuing importance of National Savings, and the huge danger of unexploded bombs left over from the war.

Classification: E / Picture: 1:33:1 / Black and White / Subtitles: None / Sound: Mono / English



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