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Released on 21/06/10. Formed 1967 and disbanded 1967 The Freak Scene didn’t stay around very long. Never really a group in the sense of the Beat les, Stones or The Byrds that is they didn t really function as a group, they had slightly more in common with the The Monkees, or more correctly, perhaps the original Grass Roots, in the sense that The Freak Scene was whatever its producer-songwriter had in mind. The Freak Scene was a studio created ensemble, the brain child of Rusty Evans, a one time Greenwich Village folkie turned producer. Evans had crossed paths with Bob Dylan and Felix Pappalardi early in his career, before they went their separate ways and he ultimately became a producer and dreamed up The Freak Scene project. David Bromberg was the first musician tapped for the group , a sort of in-house psychedelic band created to record one album, Psychedelic Psoul.

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A Million Graines Of Sand / "...When In The Course Of Human Events" (Draft Beer, Not Students) / Interpolitation: We Shall Overcome / Rose Of Smiling Faces / Behind The Mind / The Subway Ride Through Inner Space / Butterfly Dream / My Rainbow Life / The Center Of My Soul / Watered Down Soul / Red Roses Will Weep / Mind Bender / Grok!


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