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Both regarded as absolute masters in their homeland Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and Ustad Vilayat Khan, exact contemporaries and sarod and sitar players respectively are in India spoken of with the same reverence that is usually reserved for Ravi Shankar.

Of course both are familiar to students of the genre of Indian classical music in the west (Vilayat Khan is known for his famous score to the merchant-ivory film “The Guru”) but the commercial potential of their incredible art is only now beginning to be realised. Like Shankar, their work is hypnotic and spellbinding realised by flawless technique through a lifetime of devotion to their music.

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Ustad Ali Akbar Khan- Introduction By Yehudi Menuhin / Rag Sindhu Bhairavi / Introduction by Yehudi Menuhin / Rag Pilu Baroowa Ustad Vilayat Khan- Raga Des / Raga Pahadi / Bhatiyali Dhun / Raga Mishra Khamaj – Alap / Gat / Bihag / Raga Chanrakauns / Asthai / Jalad


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