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Rev Ola proudly presents the first CD release of one of the most enigmatic pop albums of the 1960s…Playback by The Appletree Theatre . The project was set up by brothers Terry and John Boylan. Essentially a loosely-woven concept album, divided into three acts. It’s an inventive pop album with great songs, strange sound effects, comedy bits and trippy dialogue comprising a collage of interlaced vocal narratives, sound effects, and song fragments, recalling the Golden Age of radio, and prefiguring the antics of The Firesign Theatre, along with top quality pop songs such as “Hightower Square” and “I Wonder If Louise Is Home”, with its distorted megaphone vocals and soaring horns. Some of the tracks suggest the boys may have indulged in too many psychedelic drugs. It’s not for us to say….

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Altogether / Lullaby / Saturday Morning / Nethertheless It Was Italy / I Wonder If Louise Is Home / Chez Louise / E Train / Meanwhile / Brother Speed / You're The Biggest Thing In My Life / Don't Blame It On Your Wife / Sorry State Of Staying Awake / Barefoot Boy / Lotus Flower / What A Way To Go


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