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eter Sellers’ comic genius is undeniable. His work influenced everyone from the Beatles to Peter Cook to Monty Python.Amid such memorable Amid such memorable screen roles as his buffoonish Communist shop steward, Fred Kite in I’m All Right Jack, his perverted Clare Quilty in Lolita, his Tatiesque Hurundi V Bakshi in The Party, his famously hapless Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther, the three vivid characters he played in Stanley Kubrick’s Dr.Strangelove and the vacant Chauncey Gardiner in Being There, reside some of the greatest comic performances in cinema history.In 1960, Peter Sellers co-starred with Sophia Loren in The Millionairess. At the same time, Peter and Sophia teamed with George Martin (who would soon and throughout the sixties become the Beatles exclusive producer) to record a song inspired by the theme of the film entitled, Goodness Gracious Me. Goodness Gracious Me was released as a single and with the nation behind it, roared to the top of the charts.The album Peter and Sophia immediately followed it up the hit parade, as did the memorable follow up, Bangers and Mash.Our edition comprises, all of the Peter and Sophia recordings. A selection of Sellers songs also produced by George Martin and songs and music from such Sellers hits as I’m All Right Jack, Two Way Stretch, The Ladykillers and Sophia Loren’s It Started In Naples.

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Goodness Gracious Me! / 'Smith' - An Interview With Sir Eric Goodness / Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo / Ukelele Lady / Setting Fire To The Policeman / Bangers And Mash / oh! Lady Be Good / To Keep My Love Alive / Why Worry? / Grandpa's Grave / I Fell In Love With An Englishman / Africa Today / Fare Thee Well / I'm So Ashamed / Wouldn't It Be Loverly / Jakka And The Flying Saucers / You Pretend To Be An American / Pizza On The Piazza / Carina / Two Way Stretch / I'm All Right Jack / "Detto - Better For You!" / "Num-Yum - With The Romantic Flavour!" / The Ladykillers


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