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2 CD set from Dusty’s Springfields first group. A springboard to her success.

Looking back, the trio appear as a welcome breath of fresh spring air in an early 1960s confused by an autumnal mix of coffee bar rock’n’roll and cocktail bar easy listening.

In short, The Springfields were that unique moment in time before Dusty finally decided her roots were no longer in silver threads and golden needles but in the blonde peroxide bottle of sixties pop.

Their Folk Pop crossover scored many successes and the 12 singles, 5 EPs, 2 LPs, 1 Soundtrack (2 tracks) released on The Springfields by Philips in the UK are all included here…



Disc: 1

1. Dear John

2. I Done What They Told Me To

3. Breakaway

4. Good News

5. Wimoweh Mambo

6. The Black Hills of Dakota

7. Row Row Row

8. The Green Leaves of Summer

9. Silver Dollar

10. Allentown Jail

11. Lonesome Traveller

12. Dear Hearts and Gentle People

13. They Took John Away

14. Eso Es el Amor

15. Two Brothers

16. Tzena Tzena Tzena

17. Bambino

18. Goodnight Irene

19. Far Away Places

20. Silver Threads and Golden Needles

21. Aunt Rhody

22. Swahili Papa

23. Gotta Travel On

Disc: 2

1. Island of Dreams

2. The Johnson Boys

3. Settle Down

4. There's a Big Wheel

5. Greenback Dollar

6. Midnight Special

7. Wabash Cannonball

8. Alone with You

9. Cottonfields

10. Foggy Mountain Top

11. Little by Little

12. Maggie

13. Darling Allalee

14. Mountain Boy

15. My Baby's Gone

16. Waf Woof

17. Say I Won't Be There

18. Little Boat

19. Come on Home

20. Pit a Pat

21. If I Was Down and Out

22. Marcabamba

23. No Sad Songs for Me

24. Where Have All the Flowers Gone

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