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The Barron Knights are a British humorous pop group, originally formed in 1959, they became the Barron Knights on 5th October 1960. Although the Barron Knights undoubtedly had their own style and produced regular beat group recordings in their own right, it was their production of comedy parodies that brought them the greatest success. In fact, their catalogue of recordings -although impressive does not reflect their success as stage entertainers.

By adapting their act to each new wave of emerging performers they were able to survive longer than their more conventional contemporaries, and even today can still be regularly found in cabaret or performing a seaside summer season.

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Get Down Shep Disc One - Air On A G String / Boozy Nights (Boogie Nights) / Little White Bum / Lazy Fitter (Lazy River) / The Big V (Vasectomy) / The Chapel Lead Is Missing / A Taste Of Aggro / A Taste Of Aggro (Incidental & Link Music) (Clean Vers) / Rivers Of Babylon / The Smurf Song (Clean Version) / Matchstalk Men And Matchstalk Cats And Do / The Hand On The Ear Folk Song / Remember (Decimalisation) / Awful Seance (Floral Dance) / Boy Scouts Out Camping (Up Town Top Ranking) / My Will (I Will) / Food For Thought: Medley / Disc Two - Lucky Number / Pop Muzik / If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me / Evolution / Telephone Line / Herbie The Head / Arthur Clark (Macarthur Park) / Mr. Tambourine Man / The Topical Song / Nanu Nanu (Shazbot) / The Fleetwood Bus (The Deadwood Stage) / Preservation / Farewell To Punk / The Busker / Heavin' On A Jet Plane / Here Here


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