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• Hailed by Stanley Kubrick as “Absolutely, one of the great films”, Lindsay Anderson’s stylish, surrealistic, uncompromising and confrontational film IF… encapsulated the revolutionary atmosphere of the sixties; and five decades on has lost none of its power to astonish and provoke.

• Malcolm McDowell (of whom IF… made a star), suggested the bewitching, other-worldly music of ‘Sanctus’ from the “Missa Luba”, a version of the Latin Mass based on traditional Congolese songs, which establishes the film’s very particular atmosphere.

• IF… captured the public’s imagination beyond anyones expectation and the memorable ‘Sanctus’ subsequently became a chart hit (“I couldn¹t believe it” recalled McDowell).

• Les Troubadours du Roi Baudouin, a choir, with percussion section, consisting of approximately 45 boys from 9 to 14 years old, and 15 teachers were formed by Father Haazen. The “Missa Luba” is pure Congolese. It is completely void of any modern, western musical influences. None of it is written. Certain rhythms, harmonies and embellishments are spontaneous improvisations.

• This edition, comprising the mass and native songs of the Congo, is the first complete restoration of the original album first released in 1963.

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Kyrie / Gloria / Credo / Sanctus / Benedictus / Agnus Dei / Dibwe Diambula Kabanda / Lutuku & A Bene Kanyoka / Ebu Ewale Kemai / Katumbu / Seya Wa Mama Ndalamba / Banaha / Twai Tshinaminai


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