Released 27/07/2009. Recorded in Los Angeles in 1973, Mirage was one of the finest albums of the 1970s by Animals front man Eric Burdon. The soundtrack for a proposed United Artists film with the Vietnam War as its subject matter, the music recorded by Burdon such as Dragon Lady, River of Blood, Mind Arc and Driftin / Geronimos Last Stand was some of the finest of his career.

Exploring the genres of rock, psychedelia and African beats, the sessions also saw Burdon record the song Mirage, written by Jimi Hendrix on the night he died. Sadly, first the film and latterly a proposed double album release by Atlantic Records were shelved and the Mirage album and sessions were consigned to the archives. This CD release on Esoteric Recordings makes for the album s CD debut in the UK.

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Dragon Lady / Jim Crow / Ghetto Child / Mind Arc / River Of Blood / Driftin / Geronimo's Last Stand / Highway Mover / Cum / First Sight / Mirage / Stole My Heart Away (First Sight)


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