Featuring artists as diverse as The Residents, Robert Fripp, XTC’sAndy Partridge, Pete Seeger, Robert Wyatt and The Pretenders Martin Chambers, as well as cover artwork contributed by Ralph Steadman, Morgan Fisher’s1980 release Miniatures truly was a first. Overwhelmed with concepts for potential releases, Fisher decided to see how many of these ideas he might be able to squeeze onto just one album. Rather than performing everything himself, he invited 50 musicians he admired to send in tracks of up to one minute in length. They responded with unanimous enthusiasm, and Miniatures was born out of Morgan’s’ precise editing and sequencing of these tracks, providing a unique snapshot of the cutting-edge music of the period and achieving legendary status amongst those who cherish such creativity and individuality in the process. Fast forward 15 years, several projects and the development of new realms of communication and data transfer afforded by the Internet, and Morgan decided the time was right for a sequel. Little did he know that this project would take six years to complete and involve an international cast of players (taking in 18 countries across five continents), but it proved truly worth both the effort and the wait. The astounding Miniatures 2 brings together over 60 musicians and artists of all genres – the bizarre, the eccentric, the contemplative, the rebel-rousers, the pioneers and the philosophers and no stone was left unturned in its creation. As with the original album, one minute creations were composed, then sequenced and edited by Morgan, again meeting with rave reviews and an acknowledgement that Fisher had produced something both original and vital to those with any interest in music existing outside the mainstream. Comprising both legendary tiny masterpiece collections, this new set brings together all one hundred and thirteen tracks (yes, 113!) in one two-disc collection for the first time, freshly boosted and tweaked for 2008.

Disk 1
Ollie Halsall & John Halsey - Bum Love / The Residents - We're A Happy Family + Bali Ha'i / Roger Mcgough - The Wreck Of The Hesperus / Morgan Fisher - Green And Pleasant / John Otway - Mine Tonight / Pete Challis & Phil Diplock - My Way / Robert Wyatt - Rangers In The Nights / Stinky Winkles-Opus/ Mary Longford - Body Language / Andy 'Thunderclap' Newman - Andy The Dentist / David Bedford - Wagner's Ring In One Minute / Fred Frith - The Entire Works Of Henry Cow / Maggie Nicols - Look Beneath The Surface / Joseph Racaille-Week-End / The Work With Wings - Pressed Back / Neil Innes & Son-Cum On Feel The Noize / Herbert Distel - Toscany In Blue (Last Minute) / Lol Coxhill - An End To The Matter / Ken Ellis - One Minute In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich / Steve Miller – Alice / Norman Lovett-John Peel Sings The Blues Badly / Patrick Portella - Serrons Nous Les Coudes / George Melly - Sounds That Saved My Life / Robert Fripp – Miniature / Andy Partridge (Xtc) - The History Of Rock'n'roll / Phantom Captain - Breather / Ron Geesin-Enterbrain Exit / Alejandro Viñao - An Imaginary Orchestrina / Quentin Crisp - Stop The Music For A Minute / Simon Desorgher – Tetrad / Ralph Steadman - Sweetest Love (Lament After A Broken Sashcord On A Theme Of John Donne) / R.D.Laing & Son – Tipperary / Trevor Wishart - Beach Double / John White - Scene De Ballet / Ivor Cutler - Brooch Boat / Hector Zazou - Do Tell Us / Michael Bass & Ellen Tenenbaum - A Miniaturization Of Bartok's Sonata For Two Pianos & Percussion (3rd Movement) / Martin Chambers (The Pretenders) - A Swift One / Bob Cobbing & Henri Chopin - Refreshment Break / Dave Vanian (The Damned) -Night Touch / Metabolist-Racing Poodles / Gavin Bryars-After Mendelssohn (137 Years) / 1/2 Japanese - Paint It Black / Simon Jeffes - Arthur's Treat / Mark Perry - Talking World War Iii Blues / Michael Nyman - 89-90-91-92 / David Cunningham (The Flying Lizards) - Index Of Ends / Kevin Coyne - James, Mark & Me (In The Manner Of Tom Waits) / Etron Fou Leloublan - Hep! / Neil Oram & Ken Campbell & The Science Fiction Theatre Of Liverpool - The Minute Warp / Pete Seeger - Chorale From Beethoven's 9th Symphony / Bonus Tracks - No Artists - One Minutes Silence / All Artists - The Miniatures Miniature

Disk 2
Jean Houston - Jump Time / John Paul Jones - It's Coming (A Fanfare For The Millennium) / Linton Kwesi Johnson - Beacon Of Hope / Talitha Mackenzie - Chakras / Hugh Cornwell - 2000 Lights / Piero Milesi - Minute Quartet / Howard Jones - Atoms And Stars / Kazufumi Miyazawa - One Minute Blackout / Klaus Trabitsch - Jodler / Bj Cole - Newgrange / Aeon Fragment / Terry Riley - A Dog Barks At Midnight / Michael Nyman - Here's To The Next One / Meredith Monk - Panda Chant Ii / Sainkho Namtchylak - Last Christmas / Jill Purce - The Healing Voice Dagmar Andrtová - Little Orchestra Of Disaster And Hope / Wolfgang Mitterer - Solo No.3 /Phillip k. Bimstein - Garland Hirschi's Cows / Piano Circus - Red / Robert Fripp & Trey Gunn - Blast / Isao Osada & Takuro A - Un / David Cunningham -Oxalis / Penguin Cafe Orchestra - A Pythagorean Roll / Sizzle Ohtaka - One Cell / Hermeto Pascoal - Feira De Asakusa (Asakusa Market) / Chris Hughes - Shaka Shaka Shaka / Dissidenten - Light Of Love / Christos Hatzis - Hunter's Dream / Baka Beyond -Timeless / Ottmar Liebert - Freedom (Universal Mix) / Mamadou Doumbia - Qui Sait? / Tananas - Ashtanga / Koto Vortex - Sae / Michael Shrieve & Jeff Greinke - Invisible Guides Gavin Bryars - Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet (Miniature) / Jane Siberry - The Narrow Bridge / Laurie Spiegel - Soundtrack For Sandin / Chéng Gongliang - Ghu Zu Jun / John Fiddler - Another 21st Century Day / Nastya - Islands / Geoffrey Richardson -The Lighthouse / Thomas De Hartmann - Gurdjieff/De Hartmann Music / Peadar Óriada - Seascad Siocand I Dtreo Millennium (Sixty Seconds Towards A Millennium) / Daniel Figgis - Fail Better / The Deep Season -Theme For The Peaceful Revolution / Heat Wave -Takeda No Komori Uta / Woof Woof -Passion Sauce / The Minus 5 - Came Saw Stayed / Morgan Fisher - Flowers Of Silence / Komitas Vardapet - Gutan Yerg / David Darling - Introspection / Lol Coxhill - Six To Four /Trans Global Underground - Dead Dog Of Kairouan / The Levellers - Hope Street (Rain Chant Remix) / Chris Butler - Have A Nice Century! / Moondog (Louis Hardin) - Cosmicode / Ashik Peter Lynch - Snow / Tokiko Kato - Toorina / Jane Campion - Passionless Moments / Milladoiro - Alal Ádas Mariñas

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