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Recently cited by ‘CLASSIC ROCK’ magazine as ‘The Best Prog Band You’ve Never Heard’, Jonesy were one of the most innovative British bands of the early 1970’s. Placing a Mellotron at the centre of their sound and taking influences from the worlds of jazz, rock, classical music and folk, Jonesy recorded a single and three albums (‘No Alternative’, ‘Keeping Up’ & ‘Growing’) for Pye’s progressive Dawn imprint. Drawing comparisons to KING CRIMSON and YES, Jonesy were more that. Classic Rock’s Malcolm Dome declared recently; ‘Jonesy were more than mere mimics of any Fripp-ery. They made some fascinating records’. Now, for the first time, ESOTERIC gathers all of Jonesy’s recorded output for Dawn Records and gathers it on this deluxe 2CD set, with all tracks remastered from the original master tapes. ‘Masquerade’ is certain to attract an excellent response.

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Ricochet (single version) / Every Day's the Same / No Alternative / Heaven / Mind of the Century / 1958 / Pollution / Ricochet / Reprise / Masquerade / Sunset and Evening Star / Preview / Questions and Answers

CD Two
Critique (with Exceptions) / Duet / Song / Children / Can You Get That Together? / Waltz for Yesterday / Know Who Your Friends Are / Growing / Hard Road / Jonesy

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